Morning Glory*, Mixed Colors ~ Organic Seeds
SOLD 1 packet / 7 Packets Available / 31 seeds / packet ~ $2.75

COLORS: deep Violet, rich Pink, Blue, pale Lavender Pink ~ Vigorous tall 10′-12’ vines. Superb on an arbor or fence! Great near the veggie garden or planted on a trellis with beans, cucumbers, melons, and squash to attract pollinators (bees, bumblebees, and their enemies – Praying Mantis, as well as hummingbirds), which is what we did in 2020 & 2021. They are frost tender, so plant around June 1st. Got rave comments from friends on the lovely flowers.

Veggie Garden Tip #1: Plant Pollinator Attracting Flowers!
Add pollinator attracting annual flowers right in the veggie garden: borage (in between tomatoes so they get some shade), calendulas, hollyhock, morning glories, and sunflowers. Worked wonderfully for us in 2020, 2021 & 2022.

Veggie Garden Tip #2: Morning glories can be transplanted as starts!
This was an accidental discovery two years ago, when a morning glory volunteered where I didn’t want it to grow. Transplanted it at 4-6 inches tall, watered it well, and gave it some shade cloth cover for a few days to a week. Did great. The advantage of growing morning glories as starts is only putting seeds in the garden that actually have germinated.

*SPECIAL NOTE: For those of you who may have discovered that morning glories are banned for sale from AZ. The ban was officially changed, lifted, as of 2019. Stumbled across the info when attempting to ID AZ wildflowers ’cause we have a lot of native morning glories. And banning natives is a bit crazy.

The ban was targeting a problematic member of the MG family that was causing livestock issues. Here’s the link to “The Curious Case of Arizona’s Morning Glories (Ipomoea spp.): with the official JAN 2020 notice in PDF form  Quoting from the PDF: “Since most morning glories have been removed from the noxious weed list, Arizona residents will be able to buy delisted morning glory plants, including sweet potatoes (I. batatas) that were technically illegal under previous regulations.” And further in the document it says “Native or ornamental annuals are much easier to control than their perennial relatives.” The seeds of these decorative morning glories I have for sale are annuals.

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