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Community Driven Local Decentralized Food Production Brings Food Security, Health and Nutrition to your Local Neighborhood or Town.
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Road Map to a Better Food Culture

Year Round Residential Inside Grow Systems

3 Phases
Germination Plant Lab
Hardening Greenhouse
Personal Food Greenhouse

Permaculture Gardening Plans & Systems

Deep Mulch No-Till Gardening Developing permaculture and sustainability through observation and practice

Agricultural Resources Community Network Development

FoodScape Members
assisting one another with local agricultural supplies and labor to expand Food Culture

Future Commercial Facility Year Round Inside Food Grow Systems

Food Culture Hub
A place for consumers to buy organic natural produce and eat prepared culinary dishes

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Gardening Systems

Deep Mulch No Till Back To Eden Gardening
Deep Mulch No Till Gardening
Container Gardening HugelKulture
Container Gardening
Greenhouse Harden Seedlings
Composting and Soil Creation
Composting and Soil Creation
Watering Systems
Watering Systems

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