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Our passion is simple;  gardening that is directly related to health from nutrition. Running our own Urban Garden benefits our health, our wallet and our ability to be self-sufficient with our food supply.

IMPORTANT! We recently changed to the BACK TO EDEN Gardening Method.


  • Grow Food Year Round.
  • Grow Food from Seed.
  • Save Seeds for Next Planting.
  • Share the Knowledge with Others.
  • Take Control of our Food Supply.

We grow as much as we can to supplement what we buy at the store.  Store bought food is just “not fresh or ripe”.  Foodscape garden produce has no pesticides, no herbicides, no genetic modification and it tastes a lot better than what you buy at the store.

Our mission in life is to help other people realize this change and embrace the principles of self-sufficiency. We want to help people use their own limited space for growing food.

Instead of putting in landscaping we put in foodscaping. Instead of spending hard earned money and time at the grocery store, we spend time watching the miracle of God’s creation growing and providing sustenance through the food that grows out of the ground.


When you have a garden you have to be committed to get serious results. Setting your garden up properly becomes worth your while when you are rewarded with superior produce daily.We committed to getting the garden going and now we harvest a whole table full of food every 4 days.

We desire to see people become self-sufficient, healthier, and knowledgeable about the food they are eating. We also want to encourage people to create sharing communities where the local produce grown by friends and neighbors is shared and sold locally.

If everyone can create their own foodscape in their yards using edible plants, the result would be an abundance of food, lower grocery bills, healthier eating, healthier feeling people and a self-sufficient reality.

This as not just a convenient source of food, but a return to what America used to be in it’s glory, when an entire generation grew their own produce and worked together as a common people, each one carrying their own weight and responsibility.

Foodscape is a personal solution for an entire country to recover from it’s dependence on government programs. Warning. You will have to work in order to do this.

Investing in your own personal infrastructure to grow food is a good way to spend your money in a ultimately practical way. Everyone needs to eat. It’s better if everyone eats healthy and naturally.





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