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Here you will find Clarkdale Organizations, Businesses and Individuals
with Agricultural Resources and Skills to share with Local Residents of Clarkdale

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Local Business

Clarkdale Local Businesses are the backbone of the community. Plant Nurseries, Farms, Feed Companies, Ranches, Agricultural Materials Transportation and more. We SUPPORT LOCAL BUSINESS.

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Clarkdale Ranches, Farms, Garden Communities, Schools and Supporting Organizations. These provide local agricultural resources and products to the residents of Clarkdale

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Elaine Vang Chino Valley Garden Guru

Agri & Garden Gurus

Clarkdale Agricultural and Garden Gurus with their animals and gardens provide a meaningful contribution to the local gardening community. Many have resources available to share.

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Clarkdale, Arizona

Founded in 1912, Clarkdale is renowned as the first master planned community in the State of Arizona. Originally a “company town”, Clarkdale was founded by the United Verde Copper Company to provide housing and services for the employees of their copper smelter.

The extensive smelter complex was located near the Verde River and processed copper ore that was brought down from the mines in Jerome from 1913 to 1953.

Designed and built by Senator William Andrews Clark, Clarkdale was founded as a modern copper-smelting company town for the employees of the mines in Jerome and their families. Ahead of its time, Clarkdale boasted underground utilities, sewers, paved streets, stylish homes and a thriving commercial center.

Elevation: 3545 FT

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