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  • John Arietta : New to the Prescott area and Foodscape Community. Out in Williamson Valley area. After one full year thinking this is a 8A/8B climate zone. Any thoughts on that? 10ft by 20 ft single pane green house. Frosted/ froze over several times this winter but still had a good crop of veggies! Trying to test and learn about best choices in this area. Thanks for having this Chat box. Could be a big time saver learning from others.
  • Gregory Eddolls : Nice to meet you Kelly Gerard! 🙂
  • Kelly Gerard : Just found you! Living in Dewey (7b) and hope to find into here!
  • Gregory Eddolls : testing
  • Gregory Eddolls : There is also individual chat between registered users on Foodscape website. Accessed via the listing/lister contact info.
  • Gregory Eddolls : Not much traffic in here yet.
  • Greg : Hey folks do you think this chat is a good idea Ahead of its time Not a good idea
  • Valerie Jensen : I’m looking for lavender starts or local seed- 928-713-0659, thanks all.
  • Gregory Eddolls : Elizabeth Marymee.... I will be at the Seed Mania event with some seeds of various types for sale or possibly exchange.
  • Gregory Eddolls : Tomorrow I will be at B Organic Farm teaching a class in the greenhouse from 11 to 1
  • Gregory Eddolls : Or you can text my phone number below in contact. Scroll down. 🙂
  • Gregory Eddolls : Laura Ramos....feel free to find me on facebook. I am Greg Eddolls there is only one.
  • Gregory Eddolls : Laura Ramos...
  • Gregory Eddolls : Laura...yes thankfully it was a mild hack repair.
  • Gregory Eddolls : The seed market SEED MANIA is Sunday the 5th of March
  • Laura Harrison : Hi you got unhacked!
  • Elizabeth Marymee : Has anyone seen all the seed happenings this weekend? There is a seed exchange at the Prescott Farmer's Market on Saturday from 9:30-12:30 and Seed Mania at 220 Grove Ave. in Prescott from 1-6pm. I know I'll be there!
  • Elizabeth Marymee : Hi there,
  • Laura Ramos : I’m looking for someone to take me under their wing and teach me how to grow herbs, vegetables and fruits. I saw there are a few classes in the community but the times they offer do not work for me. I’d be willing to pay a fee if needed. Thank you.
  • Radius Admin : Or perhaps if you have a general question about gardening or the website.
  • Radius Admin : The chat is running flawlessly. Now just for some people to be focused enough to use it.
  • Gregory Eddolls : lol
  • Gregory Eddolls : Noooooobody knows my sorrow.
  • Gregory Eddolls : Nooooobody knows....the trouble I seen....
  • guest_7111 : Thx for stopping by Ema! 😊💖🏆
  • Ema Bermudez-Dennis : Had to come in and try this!
  • Gregory Eddolls : Building it a little bit at a time
  • Gregory Eddolls : yay...hello Debbie
  • Gregory Eddolls : You can also change your name how you want it to appear in your profile area.
  • Debbie Lupton : This looks cool
  • Gregory Eddolls : Now I am logged in so I get to use myname...
  • guest_7881 : If you are not logged get a guest number
  • guest_7881 : If you are logged in it will use your website login username
  • guest_9947Amy : Whoops, forgot my name😉
  • guest_9947 : Test from my cell phone. Looks to be working well Greg
  • Greg :
  • Greg :
  • Greg : Testing from cell phone. Voice to text chat
  • Radius Admin : Hi
  • Radius Admin : hello again
  • Greg : Testing from cell phone
  • Radius Admin : Hello everyone...just a a few test going on in here. Feel free to chat or leave a message. Everyone can see what you type here.
  • Greg : Hello
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