Future Commercial Inside Local Grow Facility

Local Organic Food production at town or city level is possible to attain if we can acquire the necessary resources in dollars, land, and knowledgeable contractors. This will likely require a community effort and strong vision to bring it to fruition. The people perish for lack of vision. So here is the vision.

Our Food Culture has suffered a great blow in the last 50 to 100 years. As industrial and technological advancements have made a 100% consumer lifestyle possible across America and across the globe, we have seen a strong move towards globalization and the hegemony of the oligarchs. GLobal corporations…

Gregory Eddolls
Gregory Eddolls

My dad once labeled me as border-line brilliant. I still don't know what that means exactly, but that's fine. I have big visions of using technology skills of 26 years combined with 20 years of gardening experience to develop a sustainable model for 365 days a year inside grow systems to be used as a stabilizing force in the food sector at a local level for each community.

I am a Christian, Husband, Father, Grandfather, I.T Consultant, Gardener, Musician and socialite who enjoys being the center of attention, preaching the gospel from God's prophetic Word, and giving an opinion or 50 on every subject under the sun. I view all through the filter of God's prophetic Word.

Been happy in Arizona since 1992, with one foray back east to Ohio, hated it...but loved the people. But too many people. Life should be simpler. More agriculture. More time to make your own food. Prepare your own food.

Gardening in Arizona is more challenging than other more humid areas. And requires a bit more help to maintain abundance in the desert. This is my vision for all who care to embrace it. Grow your own food or help others who grow it, so you are connected to it. Back to basics. Food, Water, Shelter, God. Let us follow His purpose for our lives.

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